Free Will

You can either flow with the currents of life or swim against them…..the choice is and will remain forever yours.

Everyone has the option of choosing happiness and gratitude on a daily basis, or… discontentment, depression and resentfulness.

You can choose to have desire(s) for the self alone, or commit to receiving so that others in need may share your bounty.

We can live comfortably with our “garbage” in the world of the familiar, or decide to see it for what it truly is: a blessing that allows us to see what needs to be transformed. This can be achieved by going outside of our comfort zone.

All of us can choose to be the commander of our own ship; for it is US and only us that create our realities. Everything that has ever come to be or will ever come to be is manifested through nothing more than thought.

If you expect (with certainty) that miracles will occur, then they have no choice; for the universe will give back what you expect from it.

Realize that beyond the 1% world of illusion (in which we live) lies the 99% world of what truly is. When we come to know this concept, life will take on new meaning, and the consciousness of humankind will transform.

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