I Am That I Am

I am the wind that blows through the trees.

I am the snowflake that gently falls from above.

I am every creature that is, was and ever shall be.

I am every ray of light, every rock and every tree.

I am the alpha and I am the omega and everything in-between.

I am all that is known and all that is unknown.

You can call on me at any time, in any place, and I am already there; but if you do not listen, you will not hear. If you do not truly look, neither will you see.

Many things have been said in my name, what I want, who I’ll punish, bless or curse for all eternity.

The simple fact of the matter is that you are given the power to choose to be in disarray or to simply be happy.

There are no divine lessons or schools of thought; no great abyss, nor eternal fire and brimstone.

There is only the hellish state of choosing to be outside of God’s love, for that is really all that there is…….love and fear. Every other emotion, concept and even thought stems from these 2 things.

Humankind was put on this planet to do one thing and one thing only: fulfill the soul’s highest purpose.

Choose to be the creators of YOUR highest order, for it is not only your right but your destiny. Live with intent, and know that we are all part of one consciousness.

I am the alpha and I am the omega.

You already know me because you are part of me, as I am part of you.

I AM that I am.

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