It Can Be Said

It can be said that we are either born great or have greatness thrust upon us.

I choose to create my own path; it is a path that requires that we not sit idly by wishing and praying for a “lucky break”.

This path calls out to us to (as the late James Dean once said) “dream as if we’ll live forever, but live as if we’ll die tomorrow.”

See greatness on the horizon and embrace it as though it were required to breathe; do not wait for it to come to you.

Hold fast to your dream with the knowledge that nothing and no one can stop you from achieving it, save your own doubts and fears.

If there is one immutable truth in this world it is this……..every human being has the power to create whatever reality we choose to create.

Every person’s reality is simply a matter of what we choose to “invite in”; if we don’t invite it, it cannot be made manifest………it’s really that simple.

When one decides after looking long and hard enough for this power, they will find it.

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