The Ascent

Whether there is conscious awareness of it or not, every human on the planet is engaged in an ascension up the mountain; not a physical one to be sure, but a metaphysical one -proportional in scale to one’s concept of how they believe things “should be”. This concept is relative to our set of core beliefs, religion (or lack thereof), education, morals  and values.

Every single decision we make, and even more so every conscious or subconscious thought that we have is based upon these parameters. This being the case, the “climb” is different for each one of us. For some it’s a few steps up a 15 degree angle, and for others it may be a rigorous climb up Mt. Everest. Yet we are (forever) moving forward; evolving and growing-at our own pace, but nevertheless, growing all the same.

You cannot lose at this game called life if you tried, for all paths ultimately lead to the same place. It is therefore important to remember that on your ascent up the mountain, that one not lose track of why they started this magnificent journey in the first place. For when the summit appears in your line of sight, you’ll notice upon closer inspection that it was just an illusion; and come to realize that it was never really about the ascent to the top at all but about the journey.

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