This website began as a tool primarily to assist people in becoming Self-realized. Notice that the “S” in self is capitalized, and as you can imagine for a very particular reason. Our self, as opposed to our Self, is only a part of the mind, body, spirit triune that comprises the human experience. What this site will attempt to do is to demonstrate that we are much more than most of us believe that we are. To discover this at long last is to discover that we have been “unconscious” for most of our lives. We are here because we chose to be here; but that does not mean we have to sleep-walk through this amazing experience we have come to know as life.  I invite you in fact, to go beyond the image that you portray to the world; to go beyond even the self that you believe comprises the totality of who you (think) you truly are.  Come to know that your destiny is never in stone, and that if you do not like what you have created, you have the option of choosing something else. Some of the most useful tools I have discovered to help me accomplish this are Hay House, Sounds True, and Nightingale-Conant.  Abraham-Hicks and The Mind-Body Training Company (specifically core energy meditation) were also quite effective at helping me transform and grow into the being that lies beneath my ego.  I highly recommend using these resources to assist you along your path.

Throughout this process I have come to realize that we are ALL part of the divine matrix of the All that there is; the everything that has ever existed or will ever exist.  It is a realization that may change the way we think about reality as we know it.  It’s time that we start walking with awareness. Enjoy the journey

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