There are many who believe that God punishes those who commit sin, as well as reward those who follow his commandments. What this does not seem to explain is why “bad things happen to good people.”

Instead of focusing on this odd sort of paradox, maybe we should reevaluate this statement and look at it from a different perspective?  Neil Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God offers a possible explanation to the experience we know as life; and about how and why we were brought forth into this world. It goes on to say that we brought ourselves forth from a pure state of consciousness into physical form. In other words, we chose to exist. It is not so much that we were made manifest as good or bad people per se, but with the objective of constantly striving to be better.

This may not be a valid explanation as to why a drunk driver survives a car crash while the honor student sitting next to him dies, but it does seem to point out that we are not neatly “compartmentalized” into good and bad. Unfortunately, the answer is just not that simple.

On the other hand, the universal consciousness does not recompense and neither does it punish. God also has no intention of choosing sides, but instead has given humanity the ability to choose.

Everything in life…………every action we take, and every decision we make comes down to one of two choices; we can either choose in a proactive state of being or choose in a reactive state of being. When we choose proactively, we are emulating the energy that brought us and everything else in the universe forth. When we choose in a reactive state we call forth the chaos that eventually will ensue. Chaos is it’s own punishment. Choosing to be proactive (in alignment with the energy of the All that Is) is its own reward.