War No More

It’s no longer about how we pray to or what we call God; It’s about connecting to a universal intelligence greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s no longer about who has the bigger hammer, but who has the bigger plowshare.

It’s no longer about competition and striving to get ahead at all cost; it’s about neighbor helping neighbor, without judgement.

It’s no longer about polluting our bodies with genetically modified food, chemicals and drugs; it’s about acknowledging that the body is the temporary temple of our soul, and can heal itself through itself.

It’s no longer about believing in the false concept of separation from God, but knowing with a calm certainty that you are no less a part of God than anyone or anything else.

It’s no longer about the matriarchy or the patriarchy, it’s about oneness.

It’s no longer about anger, fear and doubt, but about coming to know that you have the power to be the cause and never the effect.

It’s no longer about reacting with your ego to everything you perceive to be a threat, but about realizing that the essence of who you truly are cannot be hurt or damaged in any way.

Move effortlessly down your path with humility in your heart, but with fire and confidence in your step; for you are nothing less than a child of God.